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Hi there, and welcome to the Swag Cams ChatRoulette Alternative. Here we provide a free rock solid alternate ready to handle all your random live stream webcam chatting needs! And, we do it with SWAG, 'cuz that's how we roll. And if you aren't familiar with what "swag" is, let's just say that having swag makes us better than all the other sites like Chatroulette on the internet! Don't believe us? Well, I can't blame you, because everyone claims they're the best these days on the world wide web. However, I'm still going to try to convince you. You see, we don't just offer a regular Omegle like random video chat here, we take things way further. We give you not just one, but instead three different ways to talk to strangers, all on the same website! And, your choices aren't only limited to 1-on-1 formats, we've expanded beyond that.

As far as this page you're on right now is concerned, it is basically the same as any other similar site with a cam random chat functionality. However, one major difference is that we do make sure to provide a large pool of potential users for you to connect to, where as some other sites will have basically no users online at all, so be careful about that when you surf around. What really sets us apart though are the other chat room options we have available for you. First, we have a text-only random chat that has some super cool improved features. And next, we have a group chat rooms page that again offers improvements in comparison to what a lot of older chat software apps provide. This makes it so that we basically have all your possible chatting desires covered. If you get tired of live streaming yourself, you can switch to text, and if you get tired of 1-on-1 random connections, you can switch to the group format. It's the perfect combination all on one website! This is why we really do have swag ;)

Anyway, if you're still reading this now I'm not sure what more I can tell you about our site, but I suppose I can give you some pointers for when you engage in your random video chat sessions on this page. First of all, keep your clothes on! There's a reason you always wear clothes when you go out trying to meet new people in real life, and the same thing applies online. Second, make sure you smile! Again, similar to real life, people are much less likely to find you approachable if you have a look on your face that makes it seem like you hate the whole world. Those are the two main things as far as simple looks are concerned, but you also probably are wondering what to talk about. Any sort of special interest or hobby could be a great topic to get started. Try to stay away from boring subjects like the weather, and make jokes as often as possible, everyone loves to laugh! Okay, I think that's enough chatting pointers for now. Get out there and meet some live strangers for online chat sessions!